What is DualShock Feature in PS4?

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PS4, a gaming device introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment has many unique features in it. This gaming gadget is yet to be released but it has gained a lot of popularity even now.PS4 has a DualShock Feature. It is an inimitable feature; no other gaming device has such a feature. Even the previous generations of PlayStaion did not have this feature in them. The DualShock 4 is a wireless controller. It has many matchless features which include a touch pad it gives the gamers an opportunity to play games more easily, lets them play in a wide range of ways. a share button by which you share with your friends your on facebook. A light bar which changes color when the character of the game you are playing has a low life or has been hit really hard. There is also an exciting feature, which is that it has enhanced vibrating ability. By this enhanced vibration it gives a more real touch to the player and increases the interest and attraction of the gamer to play more and more enthralling games.

DualShock Feature in PS4

The DualShock 4 controller gives the gamers an opportunity to interact more and more with games and it also lets them play with a wide range of ways making them more interested in the game. The DualShock 4’s feature of a light bar cannot be turned off. The light in it which is located at the top is designed in such a way that it never turns off. Although it does change color describing that the health in your game is low or you are hit really roughly.  You cannot take out or disconnect the light bar just for the sake of energy conservation. The DualShock 4 also has a speaker which is built in. This feature too is a very fascinating feature of this gadget. This feature can be used for hacking means. Another very cool thing that the DualShock 4 can help you with is that if you keep it still and balanced you can hide in the game from some monster or cop who is looking out for you. If by mistake you mishandle it your character in the game can fall or tremble for a moment.


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