Top Upcoming PS4 Games for PS4 Players

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The gaming industry has pretty much amplified its gadgets as compared to the older days. A gamer will find many games available in the market that offers great list of games that one could literary spend his whole week, or even weeks, playing those games. Currently, the gaming industry has been very much dominated by PlayStation also known as PS. PlayStation has been updating its gaming consoles from time to time to provide much better gaming features to its lovers. The recent release of PS4 has been in the news now and also the very first topic of discussion for a gamer. But it’s not only about the gaming consoles; it’s also about what latest games are coming with that console. PS4 has also announced a huge list of its upcoming games among which the top 5 are discussed in this post. So brace yourself to have a sneak peak of what you are going to get soon.

Top 5 Upcoming PS4 Games in Fall

1. Destiny:

The studio that came up with the game Halo, Bungie, has set its goal for its next project that has been named as destiny. Destiny has been regarded as the ambitious successor to Halo. It has also been confirmed by Bungie that destiny is going to be a part of PS4 new console. The right of publication of Destiny has been owned by Activision.

Destiny PS4 Game

2. Knack:

This game is all about saving the mankind from a great threat but this savior is none other than a robot. Yes, a giant machine that has been powered by some ancient relics in this game that stands in the way and protects the mankind from being extent. This game is full of action and adventure which the gamers will love to lay their hands on.

Top PS4 Knack

3. Killzone shadow fall:

This game has been making some great success. Though it’s on the third number here in this list but this game has more popularity beside any other game for PS4. This game has the same theme like any other shooting game. But the graphics used for this game have some great awesomeness that ranks this game higher and higher by game lovers day by day.

4. Driveclub:

Gamers who have that driving thing in them, this is the game for you. Drive club that has been developed by evolution studios purely focuses on playing in teams and racing in clubs all around the globe. Plus, the title given to this game has also been the most intriguing one up till now among the games announced by PS4.

Drive Club PS4 Evolution

5. The witness:

This is the game for puzzle lovers. This game is introduced by Jonathan Blow who is also found to be the creator of Braid. This game is all about solving a puzzle in an abandoned island. You have to move around in that spooky mysterious island, you will have to find out what happened there and what is going to happen next.

This is what the PS4 game lovers will be looking forward to. Each and every game has its own curiosity and is jam packed with good graphics, action and adventure. So, just wait until these games are into the market and after that, these are all yours.

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