Xbox One Review : All in One Entertainment System

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Now its time to entertain the new generation of games and technology, and Welcome to Xbox one review, This Xbox also introduces by officially Microsoft and it’s with brand new technology and new generation. After a long Time Microsoft announces a new Xbox one live after Xbox 360. Xbox 360 were also good and still millions of peoples using it to play games and entertaining the gaming life.

Why this is All in one Xbox, and why its name Xbox one, because you can play games with you can watch TV too, Jump to Xbox Gaming and Jump to TV from it, Get All in one Entertainment life.

Xbox One Dashboard:

Welcome to Xbox one Dashboard: Xbox One Dashboard Bring much entertainment in one place, Call your friends and family with Skype, Skype has built in Xbox one dashboard and much other social networks are installed in it.

Watch movies and shows from dashboard, Listen music and stream it with friends. And Get latest trending with Xbox one dashboard.

Xbox One Dashboard

Xbox one Gaming: Imagine Real Lifelike

With Xbox one gaming imagine the real lifelike gaming, you will feel like you racing the car, Entertain Graphics with high quality resolution. This graphics first time revealed by Xbox one. Impress yourself in cinematic world, with real look characters of humans and electronic arts.

Xbox One Racing Gaming


Credits to Official Xbox One

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